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Why This Community Exists

The concept of membership-building is not new, but most people who talk about it and teach it do so from the recurring revenue perspective.

While money is important (and usually necessary to keep the doors open), it's not the only purpose for community-building. Membership is also a vehicle for creating powerful change. As membership-builders, we gather like minds. We inspire our audiences and engage them in important work. Our aim is to create impact for our clients, our industries and the world-at-large.

In this community, we recognize that our role as change-creators requires understanding more than the widgets and gidgets that make a membership site work. We want to learn new strategies, share ideas and support each other, so that we can get even better at our craft.

There aren't many places we can gather that acknowledge, encourage and support the deeper purposes in our work.

That's why we gather here.

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